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2. First Steps with Showcontroller

This is a short introduction to Showcontroller. All features are explained more in detail further down this manual.

First of all, get to know the different software parts of Showcontroller:

3. Showcontroller RealTime | Showcontroller Manual

"RealTime" is the main program part of Showcontroller. It is used for creating timeline-based laser shows by placing laser frames, created in PicEdit, on the timeline and adding effects to them. A very realistic OpenGL Preview allows for show programming without laser output.
Check out this tutorial video on how to program with the RealTime timeline editor.

The following chapters give an overview on how RealTime works and describe many of its features. As the software is developed further, some features may not be included in the manual yet and will follow in a future version of this Documentation.

5. Control Center | Showcontroller Manual

The Control Center can be accessed from various program parts. 
It controls the laser output as "last control", meaning it's features are the last ones applied after all other dynamic effects and modifications to a frame have been applied.