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4.5 Controls | Showcontroller Manual

Undo / Redo bedienelemente 01undoredo
Undoes the last action  / redoes undone actions.

Send / Get Pic bedienelemente 02send
Moves the active frame to the temporary buffer or collects the frame that actually is in the temporary buffer. This feature is explained more in detail in 2.6. Frame transfer.

Scanning parameters bedienelemente 03scanningparameter
This button opens a settings window for the output settings and optimizations. These settings ONLY apply to PicEdit, they do not influence on RealTime.

Active Oint Dialog bedienelemente 04active
Opens a settings window to adjust settings for manipulations single points. Further details in 4.6. Active Point Dialogue.

CAT features bedienelemente 05cat
- Displays the actuive CAT file.
- Displays the actuive CAT file.
- Reloads the CAT file.
- Switches to the next frame in the CAT file.
- Switches to the previous frame in the CAT file.

Control Center bedienelemente 06controlcenter
Opens the Control Center. Further explanations in 5. Control Center

Laser On/Off bedienelemente 07onoff
Switches laser outout on/off. Click this icon or use the key "Esc" to do so.

Preview bedienelemente 08preview
Activates/deactivates the OpenGL preview.

Screen Off bedienelemente 09monitoroff
Blackouts the screen. This can be helpful if the brightness of the screen could negatively influence during a laser show.

Grid bedienelemente 10grid
Enables / disables a grid for easier drawing. The grid size can be specified in menu Options -> Grid.

Cursor bedienelemente 11cursor
Enables crosshairs

Color Gradient bedienelemente 12colorgradient
- opens the dialog to create color gradients
- activates/deactivates color gradients.
- Map: Converts point color from the color gradient.

Recolor bedienelemente 13recolor
Recolors the selected object/points with the selected color.