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3.5.10 GeoNet effect | Showcontroller Manual

The GeoNet effect allows for distorting the output on the frame level.

This effect is rather ressource intense and requires activation in the Trickfilm event: There are the options PreGeoNet and PostGeoNet

geoneteffekt 01

These two options specify if the effect should be applied before or after the rest of the effects have been applied.

This is the Timeline then:
geoneteffekt 02

Open the GeoNet effect with double click:
geoneteffekt 03

The most simple distortion can be created by clicking and dragging the grid with the mouse. Only the closest point is moved the. If the SHIFT key is pressed during the procedure, the whole row can be moved. If the CTRL key is pressed during th eprocedure, the whole column is moved.
The active parts are colored on key down in both case.