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Showcontroller Hardware and Licensing

The software license is provided on a USB license dongle, which makes programming very versatile and output hardware independent.

Showcontroller is available with two different Licensing models:

1. Showcontroller:
Supports up to 3 Laserworld ShowNet hardware interfaces (DAC)


2. Showcontroller PLUS:
Supports more than 3 hardware interfaces (DAC), different hardware interfaces are supported (more details)

- Shownet
- Netlase
- Netlase LC
- Easylase II
- Easylase LC
- Phoenix Micro USB V1

This covers the complete range of basic USB to high end LAN output interfaces. All Interfaces support DMX in/out.

Showcontroller PLUS comes with a larger preview window in LIVE, so all scanners can be displayed at once.

Showcontroller PLUS also supports the Realizzer 3D implementation and the use of Video-Events.



Showcontroller License Dongle


Hardware requirements for the Showcontroller laser show software:

Minimum requirements for running the Showcontroller laser show software are


- Dual Core PC

- Windows 7 / 8 / 10 operating system, 32bit or 64bit

- min. 4 GB RAM

- OpenGL capable graphics board


If the Video-Event shall be used, it is recommended to at least use a gaming-grade graphics board, like GeForce 960 or higher (or similar)