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Showcontroller PicEdit

Showcontroller PicEdit is the program part that is used for creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional laser graphics. It is a very powerful tool that not only allows for creating vector based frames but also for laser animations.

PicEdit closely works together with other software parts of the Showcontroller software suite, like Showcontroller Trace and Showcontroller SVG-Tool: 
Import own logos from JPG files or get static or animated vectors from Blender (or from other 3D software, with using Blender as export tool).

Basic vector drawing tools are available as well as extremely advanced tools for working with three dimensional Objects, e.g. with Depth-Effects etc.

So Showcontroller PicEdit is an extremely feature rich, yet easy to use laser frame creation tool. Many features are described in the PicEdit Manual - even more features can be discovered in the software.

It is also possible to import vector files in the PLT file format

Showcontroller PicEdit


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