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Showcontroller supports REALIZZER 3D visualization software

Logo Realizzer square 200Although Showcontroller has a powerful own visualization window that also allows for video recording the shows, it can often be helpful to have specialist tools on hand to visualize complete stages, venues or outdoor places to a customer during pre production of a show.

REALIZZER 3D is a professional 3D visualization software that also supports the direct visualization of lasers and their effects.

Showcontroller PLUS is fully compatible with REALIZZER 3D and provides an interface to directly connect to the software.


Features of REALIZZER 3D:

Realizzer 3D allows for creating photo realistic designs and instantly viewing of light shows in real-time on the computer. The software has a comprehensive library with many 3D models included such as Truss, Decorations and Stages etc.. 

• Real-time lighting simulation
• Easy to use 3D-Editor and User Interface
• Simulation of almost all lighting effects (gobo-/color wheels, prism, iris, shutter etc.) 
• Create highly realistic videos in full HD to present your show designs
• Comprehensive Library (Fixtures, 3D Models and Materials)
• ArtNET input and SyncroNet Input (up 128 DMX Universes)
• 3D model import 
• DMX controllable machinery
• Simulation of video projectors & video walls
• Laser simulation (up to 128 Laser) – Showcontroller Support
• Unique real-time Laser-Scanner Simulation


There are three different versions of REALIZZER 3D available:


Realizzer 3D product overview


You can obtain REALIZZER 3D here: Buy REALIZZER 3D visualization software