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0.12. Scanner routing and groups | Showcontroller

The addressing of the scanners / hardware output interfaces is similar to Showcontroller RealTime.

Scanner 1-8 can be programmed and assigned to different hardware output interfaces in the Control Center, like in RealTime (see RealTime manual for further details).


It is also possible to invert or swap the projection axis.

The addressing assigned in the timeline can be overwritten with the scanner routing.

Up to 32 groups of a combination of 1-8 output-scanners can be created via "Edit"->"Edit Scannergroups". E.g.: "Center", "Satellites" or "All"

Click the group to be edited, rename it and assign the desired output scanner to the right:

12eng 1

Switch to the tab "Output" in the top right corner of the output window:

12eng 2

To use the groups it is necessary to switch from "Preprogrammed Scanner" to "PreDefined Group". The buttons automatically become named after the predefined Group name and can be used for activating the very scanner group.