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7.3 Realizzer implementation | Showcontroller Manual

The software "Realizzer" is a professional solution for visualizing DMX units, laser and video in a custom created 3D environment. Realizzer reads Artnet and laser data from Showcontroller and plays them back.

Realizzer is only supported in the Showcontroller PLUS Version.

The Realizzer demo version has a time limit of 5 minutes. This is sufficient for a test though.Start realizzer, adjust the network settings, start Showcontroller and load a show.A click on the Realizzer icon activates the output:

realizzer 01

In this example the laser track 2 is routet in the Control Center to the projectors 2+3 in Realizzer and x-axis has been inverted for the left satellite projector (number 3).

realizzer 02

Showcontroller supports all features of Realizzer. It is also possible to render Videos from the visualization. To do so, Set the Timecode to "SNTC" = Synchronorm-Timecode in the audio settings. Realizzer then sends timecode to Showcontroller and "fetches" the frames for the rendering.