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1.2 About Showcontroller | Manual

The laser show software "Showcontroller" consists of several tool for creating and playing professional laser shows.

Multiple years of development, continuous improvements and implementation of new features make this software a universal tool that enables show designer to implement their ideas and visions.

Like nearly no software product is bug free, Showcontroller doesn't claimt to be either - however, if bugs are reported they get fixed within short notice to provide the best possible user experience.

The main features of Showcontroller:

- Timeline-based animator "RealTime" to create music synchronous laser shows

- 3D drawing tool "PicEdit"

- Extensive OpenGL preview, alternatively it is also possible to use Realizzer(tm) for visualization.  

- Live-Tool "Showcontroller Live"

- Further tools for creating laser frames, e.g. Tracer and SVG Converter

- Import of 3D animations from Blender / Freestyler PlugIn. The software "Blender" if freeware..

It is possible to program 16 separate timeline tracks. These can be mapped to up to 20 hardware output interfaces (USB or LAN).Each of these 20 output channels can be perfectly adjusted to the connected laser system (Size, offset, colors, linearity, etc.).

Thus it is also possible to control 16 separate DMX universes. As an option, the DMX signal of the track can also be assigned to an Artnet universe. 

Only one program can access the hardware output interfaces at the same time. If PicEdit is opened first, and then RealTime, RealTime cannot output until PicEdit has been closed or the laser output has been deactivated.RealTime opens interface access on click on "Play" and closes it on click on "Stop". After the access to the interfaces has been closed, other programs or program parts can access them.