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4.8 Color gradient via gradient settings

Another option to create a color gradient is the point gradient. There is no background image used for coloring points, but they are colored on a point base.

Draw a circle as example:

farbvpergradient 01

Use the "Select" Tool farbvpergradient 02selecttool to select the upper part of the circle. The selected points are color marked.

farbvpergradient 03

Click on "Gradient" in the menu "Transform". The color dialog opens. 

Select white as start color:

farbvpergradient 04

Confirm with "OK". A second Dialog opens:

farbvpergradient 05

Choose red as end color. Click OK, and the selected part of the circle is applied the gradient:

farbvpergradient 06

A very simple option to draw a gradient is with the line tool. Use the middle mouse button / scroll wheel click and then draw a line.