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0.2. File system | Showcontroller Manual

The operating data is loaded from the folder "Live" that resides within the Showcontroller installation folder.
Default path for this folder is on the desktop - an alternative location may have been chosen during installation.

Showcontroller Live uses the same scanning parameters and worlds as realTime, but read-only.As RealTime is still the main processing software in the back end it is not possible to save these settings from Live. To change the settings, switch to RealTime and adjust the global variables there.

The files used in Live are:

*.cat                      A catalog of laser frames, can be created and edited in PicEdit (see PicEdit manual)
*.sce                     An animation-file
Recolor.ini            The color table

The software loads the workspace "Live.sce" and "" as standard on startup. As an option, the last used workspace can also be loaded. 

The name of the active workspace is displayed in the top status bar.In this case: "Workspace Live"