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1.5 Bug and error tracking | Showcontroller Manual

Like with any software it is possible that problems occur, which are often related to the operating system. In most cases these issues can easily be resolved locally.

Answers to questions and further help are provided in the support forum on the Showcontroller Website:

Tutorials and further tips can be found here:

A short list of Problems that sometimes occur:

1. "Error loading jmlaser.dll"
This problem can occur during a new installation or if the computer does not have internet access during installation.
"Error jmlaser.dll" indicates that the computer does not know or cannot handle the signature of the jmlaser.dll. The DLLs are signed to prevent manipulation. To obtain the correct certificate, it is necessary to connect the computer to the internet for some minutes to update the security library.
Windows XP operating systems require Service Pack 3 (SP3) to be installed.