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0.1.a. Description | Showcontroller Manual

Shocontroller LIVE is part of the Showcontroller software package and included in the license.

The general layout of Showcontroller LIVE is adapted to common MIDI controllers (e.g. the Akai APC-40) to make live laser show control even easier.It is possible to address every output scanner individually via the individual time-line programming feature per scene, so the utmost of the versatile programming features of Showcontroller RealTime are available for the customization of Showcontroller LIVE as well. This allows for very flexible configuration of the very scenes.

Even bigger laser setups can be easily and versatile controlled with advanced features like scanner groups or chaser effects. Thus very diversified live laser shows become possible.Scanner mapping features known from RealTime can be applied to the Showcontroller LIVE Control Center as well.